Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ricoh G600 reviews

                                                                Ricoh G600

Ricoh G600 is the most powerful model the company ricoh. When we say the most powerful, we think the camera resistant to dust, mud, water resistant, and fall from 2 meters. The camera will be of particular interest for adventurers and hunters, fishermen who want great photos in tricky weather conditions.

The new Ricoh camera is equipped with a powerful flash with effective range of up to 10m and ISO3200 sensitivity for low-light photography. Excellent outdoor visibility with wide angle and high contrast monitor. You can correct the brightness and contrast of a still image and record the resulting image. The high-quality CCD has an effective 10 million pixels. Ricoh's excellent technology provides clear image quality and high-grade photography functions that can be powerful tools in vigorous and challenging scenes.

If you're on the lookout for a slim, stylish, compact digital camera you can stop reading this review now, because the 10-megapixel Ricoh G600 isn't for you. It's a pretty rare treat for a compact camera to include this feature.
Along the top of the camera body is a shutter button, a power button and a simple scene mode dial.

There is also a ‘Scene' option for choosing image modes that best suit a variety of different shooting subjects. There's none of your ‘Landscape' and ‘Portrait' options here. Generous too is the range of ISO settings available, varying from Auto/ISO 64 to ISO 3200, meaning you have greater control over capturing images in awkward lighting conditions.

Taking SD memory cards, the Ricoh G600 has an internal memory capacity of 52MB. This means you can take around thirteen high-res images and keep them on your camera if you don't have a memory card handy. Image quality is a little disappointing and there's not much in the way of features.


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