Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hipstamatic Disposable - iOS App Review the 2012

Disposable is bundled with two complimentary cameras (in essence, digital equivalents to disposable film cameras), though you can pick up a third for free simply from 'liking' the app on Facebook. When the camera has 'finished', this 24-image roll is synced between all the contributors, or 'friends', and individual images can be saved to your camera roll or shared via Twitter.

Leave it to Synthetic Corp, the folks behind Hipstamatic, to make the disposable camera cool again. Disposable Hipstamatic incorporates Hipstamatic's popular lo-fi filters into the functionality of a disposable camera to create a fun photo app that emphasizes sharing the photographic process with your friends.

Hipstamatic Goes Disposable: Disposable Hipstamatic lets you go back to a simpler time when you shared disposable cameras with friends.
Think of Disposable Hipstamatic as a simpler, more shareable, but equally lo-fi version of the original Hipstamatic. You invite friends to share a camera with you via Facebook (this earns you a third free camera).

and you’re ready to start snapping. The cameras themselves have the same retro toy camera feel as the original Hipstamatic but are exclusively oriented in portrait mode. In keeping with the disposable camera theme, you can’t change the lens or film you use. The free cameras include D-Fault, D-Lite, and MegaZuck 84.
Free Lo-Fi: Disposable Hipstamatic comes with three free lo-fi cameras you can share with friends.
Additional cameras range in price from $1 to $4 depending on the camera and number of exposures.


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