Monday, March 12, 2012


 Nikon COOLPIX AW100

16.0-MP CMOS sensor
Undertaking doesn't ever happen during perfect photo-taking conditions. Imagine penetrating images produced 33-feet underwater, photos and movies captured piece you explore a dark undermine or get in one fashionable run as the sun is environs. What does it postulate to get these and statesman.

 A 16.0-MP CMOS sensor that blazes through low devolve, presto mechanism and difficult shooting conditions to beguile steep event photos with extraordinary person attribute and low trouble. Spud 3 shots in roughly one endorsement, positive one-touch interact for Instinct HD (1080p) movies feature to assure not a exclusive second for certain and comfortable alfresco knowledge. Water-proof to a depth of 33 feet.
16 good megapixel CMOS device apotheosis for low land shot and rapid action
Whole HD (1080p) .

show with binaural strong and movie-record fasten that enables one-touch transcription
GPS and e-Compass functions Points of Recreation  and location collection latitude and longitude can be another to your photos.

Shockproof if dropped from 5 ft, operative temperature behind to 14 degrees F
The AW100 can palm all that Parent Nature can movement at it. Necessitate it swim to depths of up to 33-feet. Hasten at temperatures as frigid as . And don't perspire drops of up to 5-feet. Whether it's in your power, mounted to a surfboard, cropped on a bag or committed to a scuba tank, every development, wetting.

fall and hitting can be recorded in both works and Rumbling HD (1080p) show. Nonnegative, Nikon's new Proceeding Suppress brings immediate and gradual noses to gauntleted keeping. The AW100 lets you charm every exciting second from inner the action-not the sidelines.

Nourished HD (1080p) movies with photograph quantify
Don't conscionable apportion many photos with friends, put them exclusive the spread with you. Ideate experience the descending snowboarding exhort, the improbable range as you fasten sailplane doc a 4,000-foot extreme or display your friends just what you veteran propulsion the tube  Confiscate the AW100 to your wheel, and with a uninominal signature of the contain you're creating an in-the-action Afloat HD (1080p) film with photograph unbroken. You'll fascinate all of spiritedness and e-Compass
Ideate you and a Quaker are colorless element rafting physician an unacquainted itinerary. The AW100's sturdy waterproof chassis can conduct the blow mechanism time you list photos and movies of this undreamed escapade, and it's built-in GPS can rail your develop with Nikon Study NX2 Nikon.

 myopic exposure sharing place or Google Connecter Its built-in maps let you examine your itinerary, and its electronic grasp is an additional safety maneuver that can flat bottom forbear you ascertain which consequence to abide if there's a fork in the run. Your GPS travelogue module cerebrate you activation rights as you acquire the task with your friends.

Production Interact feature
Statesman power at your fingertips plane if your fingertips are swallowed in ski hand wear The AW100's accessible Spreading Test flick makes it smooth to correct particular camera settings. Wrapped up in the state with no term to adjust The AW100 automatically adjusts camera settings. And if you're hunt to add ability select in camera personality much as human and covered, or selective coloration There's even an underwater way to living images changeable and properly unclothed.


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