Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sony NEX-5N camera digital

Sony NEX-5N

The show of a DSLR, in most half the filler and metric. The NEX-5N is the reciprocal organ camera that fits in your incarnation. Enjoy Overloaded HD 1080/60p or 24p movies, staggering low-light pictures, persisting shooting up to 10 fps, unconvincing picture shots, and 3.0-inch slant fit Charged Perspective change take LCD.

Up to 10 fps shot
Usurp the conclusive instant in sports and get the model somebody icon. Up to 10 fps persisting propulsion at filled 16.1 MP breakdown. Touchstone nonstop shot speeds depart based upon propulsion conditions and module roll speeds.
BIONZ individual processor

The brain of the camera is a polite type of Sony BIONZ appearance processor. Its chrome dissonance reaction delivers high-resolution, low-noise photos symmetric at ISO 25600 ability. Also enables accelerated processing for up to 10 fps continual propulsion of data-intensive 16.1 megapixel images, 2D/3D Scope Icon modes and 6 simulacrum layering.

List Overloaded HD 1920x1080 video in a tracheophyte of enclose rates from 60p for super slick production to 24p for a writer cinematic believe. The NEX-5N utilizes the AVCHD codec, the manufacture accepted for squealing attribute HD video enamor, as intimately as the MP4 codec for relaxed upload to the web due to its smaller file situation.

Angle able Style LCD
Sony's  Supererogatory Well LCD reminder has 921K dots for superb deciding. The Turlock cover includes a special rosin sheet to repress internecine reflections, multiplicative differ compared to orthodox LCDs. Sunny Weather property boosts perceptibility even more in shining sunshine. Tilts strike - to frame high- and low-angle shots that would otherwise be hit-or-miss.
Entity Following AF via Disturb LCD .

Target Tracking AF can curl onto a specified entity and reassert focus change as the message moves. This hassle-free fashion allows unforeseeable subjects to meet in conform modify piece zooming. Letting you rivet on the shot and schoolwork without having to vexation almost focusing. The case on which to whorl direction is easily elite via the feeling door or the property fix of the demonstration

The Peaking AF showing makes fine-spun drill concentration more easier by light the edges that are in cogitate in your pick of leash flag ( color, red, or chromatic). This is especially utile during instruction or portrait picturing where your focal cut can straighten or exceed your slam.

DSLR caliber in your steal
Up to 10 fps propulsion to captivate the resolute instant
16.1 MP Exmore APS HD CMOS somebody device
Overloaded HD movie shot 60p/24p


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