Thursday, March 29, 2012

Panasonic Lummox DMC-ZS20 Review

The Panasonic lumix DMC-ZS20  Review excellent design and feature set, including an ultra wide-angle 20x zoom lens, GPS, and semi manual and manual shooting modes, as well as fast shooting performance and improved low-light photo quality from previous versions.

The Panasonic lumix DMC-ZS20  Review 20x zoom lens might be the main attraction, but the camera is all-around excellent.
The Panasonic lumix DMC-ZS20  Review is a pretty remarkable point-and-shoot camera. Its Lexica lens starts off at an ultra wide-angle 24mm and zooms in That's an incredible range for a lens in a body that's just 1.1 inches thick. The Panasonic lumix DMC-ZS20 is a pretty remarkable point-and-shoot camera

As Panasonic's highest-end compact mega  the lumix DMC-ZS20 has no shortage of shooting options.


 In 35mm equivalents, the ZS20's lens provides everything from a generous 24mm wide angle, to a whopping 480mm telephoto. The Panasonic ZS20 has a 23—point multi-area autofocus system which also includes a single-point focusing mode. The Panasonic ZS20 uses Intelligent Multiple  with Center Weighted and Spot metering options available.

The Panasonic ZS20 offers six white balance settings including Auto--and four fixed presets selection of 17 still image scene modes let users tailor the look of their images and movies with a minimum ..

the Panasonic ZS20 also offers aperture shutter priority fully manual still image modes when more control is desired. The Panasonic ZS20 can also capture 3D images in MPO—processing data from a number of sequentially captured  the Panasonic ZS20 can capture movies at—1,080 pixel resolution or below.

 compression for high-def movies. Additionally, the ZS20 can record QVGA (320 x 240) pixel videos at a whopping 220 frames per second. All movies include stereo sound—The Panasonic ZS20 stores its images and movies on Secure Digital including the higher-capacity SDHC and SDXC types—Pricing for the Panasonic Lummox DMC-ZS20 is set at approximately US$350 with availability from March 2012.


Panasonic’s latest premier travel zoom  The Panasonic Lumix ZS20 packs a meaty 20x redesigned 14.1—megapixel MOS  and a range of fancy features like onboard GPS—a touch screen, speedy burst shooting, and 1080/60p video.

spend a few minutes with a pre-production version of the ZS20 in a back-room meeting at CES 2012—It felt like an evolutionary update to the ZS10, and Panasonic’s reps seemed to indicate that they focused mainly on improving the image quality this time around—Read on for our first impressions of this new premium travel zoom.

The ZS20 will be available in black and silver from March 2012 at an MSRP of $349.99— cheaper than its predecessor.

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