Thursday, May 31, 2012

2013 Canon PowerShot SX150 red

Canon PowerShot SX150 red
The Powers hot SX150 IS body houses an impressive 12x optical zoom lens that offers the ability to 28mm wide-angle group shots and landscapes as well as long-distance close-ups, shoot, thanks to its impressive 336mm telephoto range. Even when shooting handheld, recording distant subjects and low light crisp detail in scenes is easier than ever before, with 4-stop optical Image Stabilizer (IS) and brand-new Intelligent IC technology included in order to blur contrary, the from camera shake.

Whether panning 100m sprint to record at a school sports day, or shoots living flower close-up, is becoming intelligent help, images and videos are crystal clear. Fully automatic is immediately identified the shooting scene and intelligently selects the most appropriate form of image stabilization setting of seven possible first For example, is turned on feature of Canon LEGRIA camcorder range is derived - ensures that it applies even when shooting a long range issue movies in spectacular detail with minimal blur.

Fine detail with every shot
With a series of advanced imaging technologies, the Canon Powers hot SX150 is allowed to capture still images in mesmerizing quality. Shots striking and detailed, with the required 14.1-megapixel resolution capturing the details, print out a large poster-size formats, or crop the image for a more striking composition. Canon's DIGIC 4 image processor ensures fast are also pictures, taken with a high color fidelity and quality, and providing outstanding responsiveness in daily operations.

Simple functionality and creativity for the whole family
The PowerShot SX150 IS helps make sure every photo and movie looks stunning, whether you are capturing landscapes, parties, fireworks and abstract close-up scenes. Smart Auto with Face Detection technology and the latest Advanced Subject Detection technology, identifying the shooting situation and automatically adjusts from 32 variables2 the settings of the camera and helps you to capture images that you will share with friends and family.

Servo AF / AE technology keeps the people, animals and other objects, like cars, in focus and well exposed to until the shutter button is fully pressed and the picture is taken. And if you just want to point-and-shoot Easy mode will automatically control over all settings of the camera, so that even users who are completely new to photography, you can save the image they want.

Pictures and video clips instantly on a large 7.5 cm (3.0'') LCD screen provides sharp reproduction are checked immediately after shooting. Make useful on-screen tips and tricks in the menu system is easy to learn even more about the different camera settings and improve your photographic skills you use every time the camera.

Shoot creatively - in stills or HD movies
In addition to the high-resolution still images, the Powers hot SX150 you can capture memorable moments in 720p high definition (HD) quality with stereo sound movie record button you can instantly switch from stills to HD movies, so you do not lose precious time navigating through menus and settings. You can also shoot video in Apple's frame format, which requires no transcending before being imported into Apple's video editing software, making it faster and easier to transfer and edit footage.

Alternatively, you can express your creativity with a wide range of innovative creative filters that are applied immediately to bring even more photos and movies to life, including fish-eye effect that can explore Super Vivid and Poster Effect. Toy Camera effect gives the impression of photos taken with a pinhole camera, monochrome black and white you can in, sepia or monochrome blue fire, and take your pictures with miniature effect on the appearance of small models. Miniature effect also extends to video mode, allowing you to experiment with different effects on still images and HD movies.


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