Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sekonic L-758DR Light Meters

The L-758DR Digital Master offers four meters in one light. Action flash, ambient light or reflected light, and will conform to the camera or film type. The measured values can also be mixed and stored for reading exchangeable into the incident and reflected modes. "

A rectangular-point accuracy, and enables viewers to watch shows an exact copy of parallax. The display shows ƒ-stop, shutter speed
and much more.

The measurement of exposure will warn the user when a highlight or shadow reached or exceeded the dynamic range of highlights or shadows. The dynamic range of the camera-specific profiles can be adjusted or cut points to its own dynamics to be.

In order to simplify the process, the L-758DR Digital Master midtowns is the corresponding value of the key exposure by the lights and shadows, until they fall within the dynamic range. The pre-exposure warning stops flashing to let you know that you get the best exposure.

Programmable to in the same way as your digital camera or film type lighting, the L-758DR Digital Master of the exhibition, presenting respond profiles match, the sensitivity of the camera sensor. The exhibits do not correspond exactly with the camera on the camera due to variations in the ISO standard, the measuring methods and even file formats, so that the U-Bah offers download existing profiles or create your own. It is holding up to three profiles in memory.

Simultaneous analysis of light from the flash and the environment is automatically read and displayed, and the measured values are displayed in three ways on the LCD: combined flash and ambient light readings, the percentage of the overall flash exposure and the appearance of flash, ambient and combined readings on the analog display.

splash proof, meaning four classes, the standard water keys, switches and fan durability for shooting in the dust, rain or moisture sealed out.

Master's L-758DR Digital retain the traditional characteristics of a light meter, while expanding the capabilities of the digital age. Programmable preferences and to mimic the possibility of exposure presets for popular digital SLR cameras and film-making, the L-758DR Digital Master is a leader in the field.


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