Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Canon Rebel T3i stacks up against Nikon D3200

how to replace the EOS 600D/Rebel T3i

Consumers looking to step up from a point and shoot to a digital SLR camera will try without a doubt, choose between the best-selling Canon Rebel T3i ($ 749 with lens) and the new Nikon D3200 ($ 699 with lens). We have to play with the D3200 for a few weeks and wanted to record our impressions:
The D3200 hits the Rebel on specifications and video performance. The 24.2 megapixel Nikon versus 18 for the Rebel. In fact, for most people in either order, but if you do a lot of cutting, you'll appreciate the extra megapixels.

On video, the Nikon is another advantage: it will autofocus while recording, which the rebels and other Canon cameras do not. Otherwise the two large 3-inch LCD screen, dedicated video record buttons and menus do have that are dedicated to photography foolproof.

(See photo of Lemon test shot to Automatic. Look how sharp it is.)
The big decision on which brand to work with an SLR, the lenses have to go, usually comes down to your home inventory: If you already own Nikon lenses, you'll want the Nikon camera, and vice versa.
Both the D3200 and T3i cameras are great, but if you as a brand new SLR consumers are, the auto-focus video alone is enough for me to send to the Nikon.

Proposals that will be a new Canon camera to sit in his entry-level model lineup to announce growing from day to day.

Recently rumored specs for the Canon EOS 650D/Rebel t4i to replace the 15-month-old 600D include an 18-million-pixel sensor and a touch-screen LCD.

It is not known whether the sensor is a new design to be, or has one of the existing cameras from Canon, like the one in the 60D, found an enthusiast level camera.

A touch screen would be a very exciting development for its DSLR technology, so this is the only DSLR with such a function, if true. It could mean functions such as touch-shutter, or touch-focus point could be built, something that is very popular, to the growing number of compact system cameras on the market.
Other rumors include information 9 cross type AF and continuous AF in live view mode.
Release Date

Suggestions are that a release date for June, the camera could be on the cards, with many Canon expects its mirror less camera shortly after or even reveal the same time.

As mirror less model has the potential to eat into the entry-level DSLR sales, it will be interesting to see how Canon is different between the two in its marketing expenditure.

It is noteworthy that, however, are rumors of a new mirror-less model has been around for some time, comes at the end with nothing so far.

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