Monday, May 21, 2012

New lenses canon 24-70 EF 24mm

The Canon 24-70 EF 24mm lens, the latest from the Elite series from Canon quality and user-friendly design with a focus on improvements to the mechanical structure of the lens has been enhanced to offer improved durability and greater zoom-shake and shock offer within the lens barrel . Canon today launches, the new EF 24mm USM and the EF have the world's first 24mm.

angle lenses fixed optical Image Stabilizer technology. Ideal for landscape and documentary photography have both lenses provide outstanding flexibility allows photographers a wider range of scenes and motives to shoot - the combination of fast, sharp results with IS openings allow, during handheld shooting in low light conditions.

Each lens also features Canon's Super Spectra coatings optimized to reduce ghosting and flare and ensure excellent color balance, both the EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM and EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM redesigned optics feature to improve image quality and reduce the need for post-production.

The image quality gap between high-quality zoom lenses and their respective counterparts prime was even introduction of the Canon 28-70L zoom lens a few years ago. It would be like to be
Quality glass and zoom range greater emphasis on the design of the lens. For this reason, the two lenses are They are also equipped with an equally bulky hood. If you zoom to 70mm, the lens is, what a beautiful, deep hood at the long end.

The lens hood should be used with both lenses at any time. However, optical performance is comparable with the two lenses, especially at the optically better wide open at wide angle.

In the upgrade department, get the standard zoom a Super-UD element, and a pair of standard UD lenses are claiming increased image fidelity across the entire image field and over the entire zoom range to help. Canon has, however, it is claimed some of its popular wide-angle prime lenses, the EF 24mm and Canon, they'll motion blur through four stations, both use new elements to combat spherical lens and have seven-blade circular membranes added for smooth blur.


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