Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nikon D3200 red

Nikon D3200

the D3200 red also offers a range of fully automatic Scene modes and an Automatic mode for straight shoot shooting to record images as lossless Raw image files or as compressed JPEGs with a range of resolution and aspect settings available.Autofocus is taken care of via Nikon’s own Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus module, which offers , including one centrally located Metering is handled via a 420-pixel RGB sensor using Nikon’s 3D Colour Matrix Metering II module.

We've prepared a samples gallery using the D3200 - Nikon's latest entry-level DSLR. The last nine images are , using a variety of post-capture filter options.
Nikon D3200

There are 36 images in this samples gallery. the image was shot at 12,800 on a sub $1,000 camera. at that price I am hoping I can print an 11 x 17 image shot at 3200. From a Canon boy - for an entry level camera with a kit lens these images are very good. Where to next for Nikon. Will Sony soon have a 30MP DX sensor that Nikon will use in the D300s replacement? Can't see the point at all in an entry level camera. Top lens tests on this camera needed now ... Please!!

For an entry slur the JPG images, even the high ISO, look pretty good to me. it´s simple, Sony (or other Nikon sensor sources) doesn’t make a low MP cheap sensor anymore, and there is nothing wrong with those high MP sensors Nikon is using nowadays, it´s better in IQ -low and high is and DR than any of the previous Nikon entry level sensors, so I don’t see an specially if you print at the same size as with the previous 12 MP cams Nikon had, ibex you´ll see much better quality prints.

You tell me: in which Sony camera can we find D3(D700), D3s, D800 sensors? These are clearly Nikon sensors, maybe they are made in Sony factories, but its Nikon design and product. Do you think all the parts that goes in Nikon cameras but sensor are made in Nikon plants? It's mostly the other way around: sensor manufacturers offer their wares and Nikon picks whatever suits them best.

Sony makes the sensors and offers them to third parties, which add their own tweaks and image processors (Speed for Nikon vs. Exmore for Sony).
Nikon and Pentad are able to buy the sensor. It doesn’t matter if the sensors Nikon is putting in cameras are Sony didn’t make a random sensor and then Nikon put in camera, it’s the other way around, Nikon designed sensor, and some factory (doesn’t really matter which) made it, by Nikon design.
I still don’t get why are people so possessed by where Nikon sensors are made (those are Nikon sensors).

Nikon did not hand Sony the design and just use Sony as the fib. It's Sony's own design that was mildly tweaked by Nikon. Sony have far more skill in digital sensor design and development than Nikon does.

A camera with the resolution of many top pro cameras, a hi-ISO to match many top cameras, a compact body enabling the use of all pro Nikon lenses, and all these for $700 with zoom lens.

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