Monday, April 16, 2012

Yongnuo YN560 Flash For Camera

Yongnuo YN560 Flash

Yongnuo Flash features a guide range  this suggests the camera features a similar most power to the opposite prime finish flashes listed higher than. Guide range indicates the facility of the flash. 

GN  max distance to subject x f-stop at ISO a hundred –  if GN is fifty eight,  max distance to subject is twenty nine meters when aperture is  f.2 and ISO is a hundred.

you are using multiple flashes and radio triggers it's less helpful or usable. The advanced infrared communication systems even have their place, however are less effective than radio triggers when using manual mode.

In summary, the costlier flashes will do everything a budget flashes will do and numerous bells and whistles. the flexibility to use TTL metering is helpful in some circumstances.

but once If you’re shopping for one flash, have the money, and wish the pliability to shoot with TTL then get the matching flash from your camera’s manufacturer experimenting with off-camera flash and searching at obtaining a second or third flash then you may happily save yourself many hundred bucks by obtaining one or two of  Yongnuo YN560.


All four flashes enable you to manually management each the amount of power and therefore the zoom on the flash.


All four flashes enable you to slave the flash therefore it fires when it detects the sunshine from another flash.


All four flashes enable you to each tilt and rotate the flash head to bounce the flash off the ceiling or walls.


Three flashes (not the Pent ax) have a laptop socket – notably helpful when using Pocket Wizards for manual off-camera flash variations aside from price. The "Yongnuo YN560".

Auto Power Control:

The cheap Yongnuo is all manual. you wish to regulate the facility instead of the camera sending out a pre-flash, measuring quantity the quantity the number} of sunshine that has came and giving out a main flash that may provide you with what it assumes to be the right amount of sunshine.

Flash Control:

The ability to extend and reduce the facility of the flash when in TTL mode. almost like exposure compensation  when using in-camera metering.

Auto Zoom:

The camera will tell the flash the focal length of the lens being employed and thus the angle of read. The flash automatically adjusts its zoom in order that the unfold of the sunshine matches the angle of read.


High speed sync permits you to use flash at shutter speeds bigger than the flash sync speed of the camera, helpful after you need to shoot outdoors with a good aperture.


The ability to speak with off camera flashes using an on camera (or pop-up) flash. this enables you to use TTL flash metering when using off camera flash.


A clear show on the rear of the flash that zoom settings. The Yongnuo displays all the knowledge through a series of LED lights on the rear of the camera. The row of orange lights is employed to  indicate each zoom and power which might result in confusion.


The first time I used one among the YN560 it gave off a wield burning smell. if believed I’d fried it, however it's continued to figure with none strange smells or issues since then. I doubt it's a similar degree of weather sealing or ruggedness because the different flash units, however I’m not designing on a series of drop tests.

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