Monday, April 2, 2012

Vintage Minolta Maxxum 5000 Body Only

Vintage Minolta Maxxum 5000 Body Only

system was a collection of photographic  The system used a lens mount  with a flange focal distance 44.50 mm. The new was larger than the older SR-mount making old manual lenses incompatible with the new system.Vintage Minolta Maxxum 5000 Body Only, who bought the SLR camera  before.

The Minolta AF system was at first marketed as Maxim in North America and Alpha  in Japan and the Minolta AF cameras were initially identified by a 4 digit number Vintage Minolta Maxxum 5000 Body Only. The name Dina was introduced later with the cameras, the second generation of Minolta AF camera.
originally based around a selection of three 35 mm single-lens reflex  included an extensive range  a motor drive and other accessories of third parties.

When Sony acquired Konica Minolta's camera technologies in 2006 they chose the  brand name already in use by Minolta in Asia for their new "Sony α" digital SLR system. The Dina/Maxim/Alpha lens mount which was retained from the old cameras.

This camera  Program automatic exposure, Shutter priority automatic exposure, Aperture priority automatic exposure and metered manual exposure modes (standard on the 7000), TTL auto flash (like the 7000) and added a newer faster and more sensitive AF system, faster film advance, new flash hot-shoe that was incompatible with the older flash system (although an adapter was available and the 7/8000i supported the x000-era CG-1000.

for backwards compatibility The Vintage Minolta Maxxum 5000 and other previously introduced accessories such as the innovative and unusual than any other improvement ,While also used in other models in the Minolta Maxxum the Minolta Creative Expansion Card System debuted The expansion card system provided a way to add features .

or re-program the built-in AE modes to favor faster shutter speeds or such as the sports action card. While most  and effects could be duplicated by a technically knowledgeable photographer using the camera without the  the card system was handy for less technically skilled users who just wanted to photograph their child's soccer/football team without needing to learn about exposure settings and the effect they might have on how a picture .

 The camera had a maximum shutter speed capability of 1/12000 second due to carbon-fiber reinforced shutter blades The camera just preceded the release of the SSM (Supersonic Motor) lenses and D distance encoded lens and as a result an upgrade was available in order to support the SSM lenses and This upgrade was in the form of a complete  unlike digital cameras which are usually upgradeable by software. Like all auto focusing Minolta SLR cameras it used the Minolta 'A-series' bayonet lens mounting system.

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